DIACD023  |  30th June 2017

All Soundings are True

“Its title suggests an existential observation on the natural essence of music, and this collaborative adventure undertaken by Caoimhín ó Raghallaigh and Garth Knox celebrates that wide open vista perspective.”

The Irish Times

“All Soundings Are True is perhaps best appreciated in its forty-two-minute entirety, as it’s only with uninterrupted listening that the contours of the duo’s dialog fully reveal themselves. With this quietly provocative collaboration Ó Raghallaigh and Knox reveal the symmetry between lyricism and dissonance, concrete form and wispy impressionism, tradition and modernity. Subtly beguiling.”

All About Jazz

“An album of dense, sometimes demanding music that engulfs the listener.”


“Interrogating and exploiting the timbral, tonal and technical possibilities of both instruments, Ó Raghallaigh’s original material benefits from articulate, searching performances on a challenging but rewarding disc.”



  1. Sundhelm |
  2. Fluctus |
  3. Tasseography |
  4. Blindsight |
  5. Tsumba |
  6. County Down |
  7. Minutus |
  8. Albanach |
  9. Ramé |


  • Caoimhín Ó RaghallaighHardanger d'amore
  • Garth KnoxViola d'amore

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    • Recorded by Steven Shannon
    • Mixed by Keith Lindsay
    • Mastered by Ivan Jackman
    • Cover art by Ronán McCall
    • Designed by Max Franosch
    • Produced by Nick Roth