The Stage

A digital performance space for web native art

Eoin Callery
Bits of the Hits

The signal from a single microphone capturing the ambient sounds of various outdoor locations around the world is passed through a convolution reverb processor, with impulse responses for the convolutions extracted from hit pop songs from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s

A new impulse is selected to process the microphone signal every three minutes, creating an ever-changing stream of lo-fi and mostly mono-licious atmosphere: a space made of songs, functioning as an homage to transistor radios – something akin to a Virtual Acoustic Aeolian Harp

Field Recordings by:

Yukiko Yoden (Tokyo)
Constantin Basica (Bay Area, California)
Charlie Sdraulig (Victoria, Australia)
Susan Geaney (The Kingdom aka Kerry)
Eoin Callery (Limerick)