DIAD027  |  29th February 2020


BABs are an improvising trio who explore strange spaces ranging from rich, evolving ambient textures to energetic electronica-influenced noise, with real-time acoustic manipulation creating hypnotic, haunting soundworlds.

Microbes is their third studio album, following The Vulture Watches (2015) and their début Diving Bells (2012) on Loop Records


  1. Colonies Of Consumption |
  2. Emerging, Dividing, Harvesting |
  3. We Are Multitudes |
  4. Permafrost Survivalists |


  • Alex BonneyModular synth + computer
  • James AllsoppBass clarinet
  • Olie BriceDouble Bass

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    • Recorded + Mixed by BABs
    • Mastered by Alex Bonney
    • Cover art by Alex Bonney
    • Designed by Max Franosch
    • Executive Producer Nick Roth