DIACDSOL002  |  4th January 2010


“The sheer expressive sonority and weight of the bass clarinet personifies a Monster in its own right, and this piece pits the soloist against an electronic treatment of his own playing which may have you wondering if your playback equipment is functioning correctly – such are the jittery fragments which emerge. Voices in German also emerge from the electronic backdrop, making non-sequitur remarks and ‘adding to the cinematic ambience.’

This piece is fully notated but has an improvisatory feel, indeed including some sections which allow for deviation from the score and some wild performing from Paul Roe.”

MusicWeb International


  1. Jackdaw (W. Siegel) |
  2. Gra (E. Carter) |
  3. Night and Day (J. ter Veldhuis) |
  4. Klezmeria (S. Gardner) |
  5. between (D. McKay) |
  6. Three for Two (R. de Man) |
  7. a piacere (J. O’Leary) |
  8. Monster (E. Bennett) |


  • Paul RoeClarinets & Electronics
  • Dermot DunneAccordion
  • Elaine ClarkViolin
  • David JamesCello
  • Harry SparnaayBass Clarinet

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    • Recorded by Darby Carroll
    • Mixed by Darby Carroll, Ed Bennett
    • Mastered by Michael Buckley
    • Cover art by Paul Roe
    • Designed by Brian Solon
    • Produced by Nick Roth
    • Executive Producer John Cosgrove