DIACDSOL007  |  14th August 2014


“Hart is a traditionalist though by no means a purist. Old and new ways coexist on the subtly persuasive Cuisle and that’s perhaps how it should be, because traditions, wherever their roots, evolve like everything else.”

All About Jazz

“A vivacious, simultaneous, headlong rush towards far-removed musical frontiers”

The Journal of Music


  1. A.O.S. |
  2. Sally Gooden |
  3. Canone |
  4. Cuisle ‘is Tonnta I |
  5. Cuisle ‘is Tonnta II |
  6. Cuisle ‘is Tonnta III |
  7. Cuisle ‘is Tonnta IV |
  8. Cuisle ‘is Tonnta V |
  9. Cretan Set |
  10. Sally Coming Through the Rye |


  • Adrian HartViolin, Electronics

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    • Recorded by Chris Corrigan, Joe McGrath
    • Mixed by Adrian Hart
    • Mastered by Dominique Bassal
    • Designed by David Donohoe
    • Produced by Adrian Hart, Nick Roth