DIACD016  |  6th October 2013

meets I Dig Monk, Tuned

Velvet Pouch, with its Mingus-like sax/brass soulfulness turning to brittle, Tim Berneian hooks and fine work from Alex Roth on guitar, is a standout. Berne and Jim Black fans, among others, will feel at home with this variously melodious and unswervingly exploratory music.”

The Guardian

“Think Steve Coleman meets Deerhoof, in a darkened room.”

The Irish Times

“With its shifting moods and dynamics this is an album that demands a degree of work from the listener but it’s well worth the effort.”

The Jazzman


  1. Twin Kodes |
  2. I, Lute Nerd |
  3. Animal Code |
  4. Bin Saved |
  5. End it Rule |
  6. Velvet Pouch |
  7. May I Agree |


  • Nick RothAlto Sax
  • Colm O'HaraTrombone
  • Derek WhyteBass
  • Matthew JacobsonDrums
  • Kit DownesRhodes
  • Alex BonneyTrumpet & Electronics
  • Ben DavisCello
  • Alex RothGuitar

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    • Recorded by Jimmy Eadie
    • Mixed by Zodiaque
    • Mastered by Yann Duboz
    • Cover art by Olesya Zdorovetska
    • Designed by Robin Fuller
    • Produced by Matthew Jacobson, Zoidan Jankalovich