DIACD030  |  29th February 2020

Mere Nation

“Within Mere Nation’s multi-layered textures resides a beguiling hybrid of simplicity and complexity, tunefulness, and adventure. A powerful recording from a group that continues to build on something special.”

All About Jazz

“…drummer Matthew Jacobson has come up with the goods big time on Mere Nation…his is an open ‘beyond the barline’ soundworld, not necessarily banishing groove but not wholly dependent on it, pulse however always there and vital.”



  1. I’m Benter |
  2. Cicaplast |
  3. Tricky |
  4. Opener |
  5. Grove Park |
  6. Haiku |


  • Matthew JacobsonDrums / compositions
  • Nick RothAlto saxophone
  • Colm O'HaraTrombone
  • Derek WhyteElectric Bass

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    • Recorded by Rían Trench
    • Mixed by ReDiviDeR, Rían Trench
    • Mastered by Peter Beckmann
    • Cover art by Serhiy Savchenko
    • Designed by Max Franosch
    • Produced by Matthew Jacobson, Nick Roth