DIACD012  |  3rd November 2011

Never odd or eveN

“Jacobson’s compositions are like fine sketches around which the musicians add their own bold colors, seeking collective form and harmony… But it’s also highly disciplined, and embraces hooks, melody and quite refined harmony and counterpoint… This is free jazz which grooves and sings… An impressive debut, ReDiviDeR’s stirring and original music marks it out as a band to watch out for.”

All About Jazz

“…rarely compositions in the traditional sense, they provide rugged landscapes for the group to explore, and with open minds and considerable technical aplomb, the group do just that.”

The Irish Times

“The group brings exuberant individual performances and real muscle to this recording.”

The Journal of Music



  1. Riot Peace |
  2. The End is the Best Part |
  3. In Aid Of |
  4. Sweet Time |
  5. Kann Nicht Entscheiden |
  6. Coming or Going |
  7. Royal Gardens |
  8. And Much |
  9. Ye, I Jar Ivy |


  • Matthew JacobsonDrums
  • Nick RothAlto Sax
  • Colm O'HaraTrombone
  • Derek WhyteBass

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    • Recorded by Paul Ashe Browne, Adrian Hart
    • Mixed by Zodiaque
    • Mastered by Yann Duboz
    • Cover art by Robbie McDonagh
    • Designed by Annika Koski
    • Produced by Matthew Jacobson
    • Executive Producer Nick Roth