DIACD005  |  5th April 2014


“Ian Wilson’s Stations is a major addition to the piano repertoire of the twenty-first century.”

MusicWeb International

“The stations of Ian Wilson’s 72-minute solo piano work are the Stations of the Cross. While the music is not intended to be programmatic, it doesn’t eschew programmatic effects. Wilson has chosen to name his 14 movements simply as Stations 1-14, but the specific scene and emotional charge of each station were clearly in his mind and can be felt as well in parts of the work, although it remains altogether more contemplative than pictorial. The musical style is polyglot (occasional flavours from Feldman and Messiaen stand out without being disruptive), the manner often obsessive, the mood concentrated. Matthew Schellhorn plays with a control that matches the determination and focus of the work as a whole.”

The Irish Times

“Wilson builds his spare yet rigorous reflections on the Stations of the Cross towards dramatic climaxes. Matthew Schellhorn’s crisp, committed performance avoids melodrama and sentimentality.”

BBC Music Magazine



  1. First Station |
  2. Second Station |
  3. Third Station |
  4. Fourth Station |
  5. Fifth Station |
  6. Sixth Station |
  7. Seventh Station |
  8. Eighth Station |
  9. Ninth Station |
  10. Tenth Station |
  11. Eleventh Station |
  12. Twelfth Station |
  13. Thirteenth Station |
  14. Fourteenth Station |


  • Matthew SchellhornPiano

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    • Recorded + Mixed by Stephen McCourt
    • Cover art by Ties Mellema
    • Designed by David Donohoe
    • Produced by Ian Wilson, Matthew Schellhorn
    • Executive Producer Nick Roth