DIACDSOL006  |  14th August 2014

Terminus (Conscientae)

“Lunny’s provocatively unorthodox, pointedly athletic bowing techniques interrogate the material, the capabilities of her instrument and the relationship between acoustic and electronic sound with determined intent, sawing its way through surface resistance and soaring high above with revealing cartographic insight.”

Journal of Music

“Fans of Bartók, contemporary string adventures and improvised music will find much to appreciate in Lunny’s highly personal, soul-searching endeavor.”

All About Jazz


  1. The Known (Calcination) |
  2. The Unknown (Dissolution) |
  3. The Known Reveals Itself as Unknown (Separation) |
  4. The Merging of Consciousness (Conjunction) |
  5. Jnana (Fermentation) |
  6. Birth of the Phoenix (Distillation) |
  7. Satori (Coagulation) |


  • Cora Venus LunnyViolin

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    • Recorded + Mixed by Chris Corrigan
    • Mastered by Dominique Bassal
    • Designed by David Donohoe
    • Produced by Nick Roth