DIACD019  |  12th August 2015

The Three Forges

“Listen to it more than once, if you can. The various charms and wonders of the album take a while to reveal themselves. But reveal themselves they do. It isn’t anyone’s idea of easy listening: it has few parallels in contemporary popular music, and it certainly doesn’t sound like much else to emerge from this parish in recent years. But as a work of music and a work of art in general, it approaches a certain kind of genius.”


The Three Forges is further evidence that gamelan is on its way to being a global music, a set of instruments and techniques capable of being adapted far beyond their culture of origin.”


“Every now and again, an album wends its way into the ether than shakes up our sense of the known musical world. [Irish] Gamelan Ensemble do just that with this spine-tingling, spirit-rattling collection rooted in the Javanese orchestral instrument, the gamelan.”

The Irish Times


  1. Kelly and Andy |
  2. Tiga |
  3. The Three Forges |
  4. Alicesongs / The Coolagown Polka |
  5. Parabé Sang |
  6. Telephones and Gongs |
  7. Guiding Bells |
  8. The Beauty Queen of Affane |
  9. Christine |
  10. Fleischmann in Java |
  11. Heart of the Mountain |


  • Andrew Moran, Anna Powell, Claudia Schwab, Fidelma Hanrahan, Fiona Merivale, JJ Riordan, Jason Shannon, Kevin McNally, Kevin Hanley, Laila Jedir, Laura O'Callaghan, Leah Hearne, Linda Buckley, Muireann Levis, Robert Moloney, Sara Dunne, Sinead Hanrahan, Stella Rodrigues, Travis Butler, Eimear HurleyGongs, Sarongs, Bonangs, Gambang
  • Kevin McNally, Kelly Boyle, Linda BuckleyGenders
  • Kevin McNallyRebab (two-stringed fiddle)
  • Anna DoreSuling (flute)
  • Mel MercierCiblon (drum)
  • Colin Dunne, Duke Special, Iarla Ó Lionáird, Julie Feeney, Kate Ellis, Nick RothSoloists
  • Anthony Noonan, Eithne O'Mahony, Grace O'Riordan, Gráinne McNally, Kevin McNally, Mary Callaghan, Sharon Lehane, Ronan DalyUkuleles

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    • Recorded by Donncha Moynihan
    • Mixed by Mel Mercier, Donncha Moynihan
    • Mastered by Andrew Tulloch
    • Cover art by Clare Keogh
    • Designed by David Donohoe
    • Produced by Mel Mercier
    • Executive Producer Nick Roth