DIACD018  |  27th April 2017


“..a vitalist, ritualist conception of music removed from our at times sterile museum-exhibit art culture. And it represents another important release from Diatribe, whose good work for adventurous new music in Ireland continues.”

The Journal of Music

“The performance by Maya Homburger, Barry Guy and David Adams is one of outstanding virtuosity and demonstrates total commitment to every gesture. Indeed it is hard to imagine a better performance of this work.”

Mark Fitzgerald, AIC New Music Journal


  1. Laius |
  2. Exorkismos |
  3. Oedipus |
  4. Eros |
  5. Plege |
  6. Abyssos |
  7. Agon |
  8. Thanatos |
  9. Epitaphion |


  • Maya HomburgerBaroque violin
  • David AdamsHarpsichord
  • Barry GuyDouble Bass

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    • Recorded by James Blennerhassett
    • Mixed by Nick Roth, David Clements
    • Mastered by Andrew Tulloch
    • Cover art by Tony Carragher
    • Designed by Max Franosch
    • Produced by Nick Roth