DIACD007  |  2nd February 2008

White Rocket

“With every dip and dive of this record, White Rocket revels in the freedom to take risks. The music is brave, gripping, reviving, and craftily fun. Felton, Carpio, and Wick have developed an exciting gathering of music that deserves several repeat spins.”


“White Rocket… plays fierce music based on angular motifs, craggy edged beats, and powerful kinetic energy.”


“A brilliant sense of nuance lies beneath the havoc”

All About Jazz


  1. Mutatis Mutandis |
  2. His Story |
  3. Recent Events |
  4. Hone |
  5. Lonely Toad |
  6. Susan Strya |
  7. Symptoms |
  8. Sung Once |
  9. The Fisherman’s Song |


  • Jacob WickTrumpet
  • Greg FeltonPiano
  • Sean CarpioDrums

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    • Recorded + Mixed by Dave McCune
    • Mastered by Bob Katz
    • Cover art by Max Carpio
    • Produced by White Rocket
    • Executive Producer Daniel Jacobson