DIACD033  |  5th November 2020

Wild is the Wind

“Absolutely recommended without hesitation.”

Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine

“This record is built around woodwind instruments and includes a stellar cast of first-class performers with whom Wilson has worked over the years. Musically, it is a strange mix of genres from jazz to soundscape, a diversity which reflects the composer’s openness to influences from multiple sources as well as his engagement with contemporary political issues.”

The Journal of Music

Sound Out Recommended
Ian McGlynn, RTÉ Lyric FM


  1. Denier |
  2. Wild is the Wind |
  3. Species Counterpoint |
  4. The emptiness of the ever-expanding universe cannot compare to the void where your heart should be |
  5. motherFUNK! |
  6. Nox |


  • Aisling AgnewFlute
  • Adrian HartViolin
  • Ben DavisCello
  • Sarah WattsBass clarinet
  • Ties MellemaBaritone saxophone and loopstation
  • Cathal RocheBaritone saxophone
  • Hard Rain SoloistEnsembleMusic boxes, resonators, percussion beaters, e-bow, radio
  • Francesco TurrisiPiano
  • Cora Venus LunnyViola
  • Nick RothSoprano saxophone
  • Mihály BorbélyTárogató
  • Paul WilliamsonTrumpet
  • Colm O'HaraTrombone
  • Miklós LukácsCimbalom
  • Dave RedmondDouble Bass
  • Phil MacmullanDrums

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    • Recorded + Mixed by Adrian Hart, Ian Wilson, Lazar Arsović, Daniel Bannon, Josh Mahood, Arjan van Asselt, Antti Uusimaki, Philip Bagenal
    • Mastered by Lazar Arsović, Bob Katz
    • Cover art by Predrag Mijailović
    • Designed by Max Franosch
    • Produced by Ian Wilson
    • Executive Producer Nick Roth