New Music Dublin 2020

The Diatribe Stage at New Music Dublin is our chance to play a part in Ireland’s largest contemporary music festival, held in the National Concert Hall each spring.

Of our 2020 foray, the Journal of Music made us blush with:

While director John Harris’ resistance to imposing overarching themes in favour of a freewheeling variety was responsible for a great deal of last year’s success, this year’s event did weave a thread through the festival by handing over a space to the Diatribe label led by Nick Roth and Matthew Jacobson who curated five concerts of music by artists who demonstrated the astounding range and cutting-edge nature of the label’s output. This positive move pushed up the edginess of the festival by a couple of notches although there still remained plenty for those with more mainstream tastes.

Adrian Smith

NMD 2020 @ NCH, Dublin