DIACD026  |  5th April 2020

A Way A Lone A Last

“Contemporary yet timeless, A Way A Lone A Last is an absorbing blend of cerebral concept and visceral, playful execution. Andonovoska’s fine debut is brimming with energy and bold textures, though marked throughout by nuance. A name to watch out for.”

All About Jazz

“Andonovska’s control of her instrument is immediately applaudable and the cyclonic energy of her playing commands an intensity of listening that is rare to encounter. Equally strong as an artist and a technician, it is the former that shines through and defines Andonovska as one of Australia’s leading artists, collaborators and curators.”

Loud Mouth

“The recording is stunning: a rich, resonant setting for luscious sounds, all of which results in an exciting, beautifully performed and very impressive exploration of flute timbre and sonic possibility.”


“What certainly does unify the album are Andonovska’s (and Jacobson’s) incredible performances. Not once does she nod, even in performing music of great difficulty demanding a huge breadth of competence: in extended techniques, free-jazz improvisation, classically beautiful tone, working with electronics – and often in rapid succession. From this point of view, the album is a tour de force, and well worth a serious listen.”

The Journal of Music


  1. Hox (B. O’Halpin) |
  2. A Loved A Long (N. Roth) |
  3. Bridget (D. Dennehy) |
  4. A Breath of Fresh Air (J. Ring) |
  5. Bátá (N. Roth) |


  • Lina AndonovskaFlute, alto flute, piccolo, amplified bass flute, percussion
  • Matthew JacobsonPercussion

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    • Recorded + Mixed by Adrian Hart
    • Mastered by Bob Katz
    • Cover art by Max Franosch
    • Designed by Max Franosch
    • Produced by Nick Roth