DIACDSOL003  |  5th June 2010


“Heroic levels of technical fearlessness, stamina and strengh in a programme dominated by flying, rumbling bass lines, hard-driven rhythms and counter-rhythms, and thousands upon thousands of notes – she also created a breathing, slow-burn climax – with a more reflective, often intimate style of playing”

The Irish Times

“A recital CD of Japanese and Irish piano music might sound at first like an odd prospect. But for Japanese-born, Irish-resident pianist Izumi Kimura it’s an opportunity to contrast subtle, eternal naivety with colour, humour and emotion.”

The Rambler

“One of the most original, creative and stimulating recordings of 2010 to be heard on an Irish label, an absolute revelation.”

Dublin City FM


  1. Apple Seed Dance (T. Yoshimatsu) |
  2. Funk Etude (R. Guilfoyle) |
  3. Tango (R. Guilfoyle) |
  4. Jig Time (R. Guilfoyle) |
  5. An August Laying to Rest (T. Sato) |
  6. The Season of Yellow and Black (T. Sato) |
  7. The Scenery with Tea Gardens (T. Sato) |
  8. A Carpet of Bamboo and Leaves (T. Sato) |
  9. Toccata and Feud (R. Guilfoyle) |
  10. Mouvement Circulaire et Croisé II (A. Miyoshi) |
  11. Triorchic Blues (G. Barry) |
  12. Mourners’ Line in the Sea (A. Miyoshi) |
  13. Bubbles Tagging (A. Miyoshi) |
  14. Un Souvenir qu’on va chérir (G. Caffrey) |
  15. Le Bouillon (G. Caffrey) |
  16. Le Vélo (G. Caffrey) |
  17. Le Choette Bouqet (G. Caffrey) |
  18. Louisette (G. Caffrey) |
  19. M. Bordenave n’aime pas le soleil (G. Caffrey) |
  20. pattern C (M. Fujieda) |
  21. pattern D (M. Fujieda) |
  22. Swinging Tripes and Trillibubkins (G. Barry) |


  • Izumi KimuraPiano

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    • Recorded + Mixed by Darby Carroll
    • Mastered by Michael Buckley
    • Cover art by Ken Browne
    • Designed by Brian Solon
    • Produced by Izumi Kimura
    • Executive Producer Nick Roth, John Cosgrove