DIACD008  |  9th October 2010


Evenset is surely one of the most significant releases to come out of Ireland in decades.”

All About Jazz

“Last year’s debut from Yurodny, Odd Set, announced a young Irish ensemble with the talent and the chutzpah to play Balkan and eastern European music as it should be played. Now with the follow-up, saxophonist Nick Roth and his nine-piece band have moved beyond arrangements of traditional Klezmer tunes and are creating their own music which is challenging, original and suffused with real feeling. Credit must go to Roth and his ensemble for elevating their Eastern-leaning jazz to a new level.”

The Sunday Tribune

“Less than 18 months after the release of their live debut (Odd Set), composer and saxophonist Nick Roth and his band are back with a studio-recorded and aptly titled companion piece.This time, original band compositions are given free reign, and while the disparate influences of Eastern Europe and the klezmer tradition still suffuse the collective spirit, Yurodny’s character is more finely etched on Evenset. Roth’s title track follows a sinuous path, cinematic in scope, yet muted in tone, while Francesco Turrisi’s Folia takes a more improvisational route, exploiting the rhythmical flow of piano, sax and percussion. Former Loyko violinist Oleg Ponomarev lends a military presence with Red Hora, but Yurodny’s overriding achievement is to produce an album saturated with foreboding that might just be an ideal aural soundtrack to the precarious times we live in.”

The Irish Times


  1. Balkantown |
  2. Evenset |
  3. Red Hora |
  4. La Follia |
  5. Griffmadar (Rantott Kolbaszos) |
  6. Mahazor (The Absolute and Four Ages) |
  7. Crude Black Strap |
  8. Scrub Systems |


  • Adrian HartViolin, Electronics
  • Oleg PonomarevViolin
  • Cora Venus LunnyViola, Violin
  • Ben DavisCello
  • Nick RothSoprano, Alto and Tenor Saxophones
  • Mihály BorbélyClarinet & Soprano Saxophone
  • Gilad AtzmonClarinet & Electronics
  • Paul WilliamsonTrumpet, Flugelhorn
  • Colm O'HaraTrombone
  • Miklós LukácsCimbalom
  • Francesco TurrisiPiano, Accordion, Percussion
  • Dave RedmondDouble Bass
  • Phil MacmullanDrums

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    • Recorded by Philip Bagenal, Antti Uusimaki
    • Mixed by Philip Bagenal
    • Mastered by Bob Katz
    • Cover art by Justin Pang
    • Designed by Brian Solon
    • Produced by Gilad Atzmon
    • Executive Producer Nick Roth, John Cosgrove