DIACD021  |  27th April 2017

For Violin and Electronics

“A remarkably evocative showcase for one of the most adventurous violinists around, Darragh Morgan…challenging, intriguing, sonically very satisfying..a startlingly immersive experience.”

BBC Radio 3 Record Review

“Unsettling and thrilling in equal measure, this is a fascinating collection from a foremost interpreter of new music.”

The Musician UK

“For Violin and Electronics is exactly the kind of startling, thought-provoking album that can draw in listeners unfamiliar with classical music, old or new, but open to adventurous sounds. While each piece is unique, both in terms of tonalities and mood, the album as a whole is an unearthly experience.”

Philip Freeman, Bandcamp Editorial

“Composer and soloist seamlessly integrate the violin into an industrial soundscape – a brilliant resolution of electro-acoustic composition’s inherent conflicts…an excellent album.”

Sounds like Now


  1. Trapped in Ice (P. Wilson) |
  2. Some of its Parts (J. Harrison) |
  3. Flame (S. Wilson) |
  4. Koorean Air (R. Climent) |
  5. Stringscape (S. Emmerson) |
  6. Where distant city lights flicker on half-frozen ponds (J. Nangle) |


  • Darragh MorganViolin

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    • Recorded + Mixed by Chris Corrigan, Jonty Harrison, Scott Wilson, Ricardo Climent, Simon Emmerson, Jonathan Nangle
    • Mastered by Chris Corrigan
    • Cover art by Max Franosch
    • Designed by Max Franosch
    • Produced by Nick Roth