DIACDSOL008  |  14th August 2014


“Linda Buckley’s title track – lachrymose and luminous in equal measure ­– pares things back to barer, sparser cello textures lit by glowing, otherworldly electronics across a 12-minute canvas. Most immediate of all, is the ethereal arrangement of Aisling Gheal, Ellis’s cello lyrically bittersweet, Donnacha Dennehy’s mahogany-dark-grained electronics warm and cosseting.”

The Journal of Music

“There’s mystery in Ellis’s brew of airy lyricism and crushing gravitas and beauty in her sometimes somber, other times uplifting interpretations.”

All About Jazz

“Each piece is given time to develop, move and breath. Some are purely melodic and others are harsher, deliberately moving away from safe seas for choppy waters. There is a cinematic feel to them and they would work perfectly on a soundtrack. That is not to say that they are incidental, but that they are quite emotive and dramatic.”

No More Workhorse


  1. Sondas (N. Vallely) |
  2. Apophany (E. Bates) |
  3. Why Do You Smile? (L. Sheeran) |
  4. Jump (L. Buckley) |
  5. Aisling Gheal (trad. arr. D. Dennehy) |


  • Kate EllisCello

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    • Recorded + Mixed by Chris Corrigan
    • Mastered by Dominique Bassal
    • Cover art by Rory Tangney
    • Designed by David Donohoe
    • Produced by Nick Roth