DIACDSOL001  |  22nd April 2010


“Irish pianist Isabelle O’Connell’s new album Reservoir is a compelling collection of dark, serious solo pieces by contemporary composers from her native land. It’s a mix of the deceptively simple and the rigorously difficult, performed with a grace and dignity that does justice to the intensity of the compositions.”

Lucid Culture

“To all this diverse music Isabelle O’Connell brings great imagination and flair, as well as technical assurance. The recording is a fine one and nothing impedes admiration for this imaginative selection.”

MusicWeb International

“Throughout this varied program, O’Connell plays with impressive power, clarity, and commitment.”

Sequenza 21


  1. Big (I. Wilson) |
  2. Forgotten Worlds (J. O’Leary) |
  3. Becher (J. Walshe) |
  4. Reservoir (D. Dennehy) |
  5. The Narrow Road To the Deep North (S. Bodley) |
  6. Three Preludes, Pt. 1- The Cloths of Heaven (J. Buckley) |
  7. Three Preludes, Pt. 2- Like Ghosts From an Encounter Fleeting (J. Buckley) |
  8. Jim Singing |
  9. Seagull |
  10. The Klippel Collection – No. 10 |
  11. The Klippel Collection – No. 11 |
  12. The Klippel Collection – No. 13 |
  13. Along the Flaggy Shore |


  • Isabelle O'ConnellPiano

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    • Recorded by Charles Harbutt
    • Mixed by Lawson White, Royce Jeffres
    • Mastered by Lawson White
    • Cover art by Ezra Homann, Joshua Betz
    • Designed by Brian Solon
    • Produced by Lawson White
    • Executive Producer Isabelle O’Connell, Nick Roth, John Cosgrove