DIACD020  |  7th April 2016


“This is huge and absolutely glorious. The spirit of a Zappa big band, but with Ukrainian traditional music and in Ireland.”

fROOTS Magazine

“Haivka (“Spring Song”) examines the Ukrainian folk tradition through a radically technological lens, along with hand signals from guest composer Alla Zagaykevych based on the ancient Irish Ogham alphabet. But if that all sounds just too esoteric by half, the results are not, and that perhaps is this group’s strength: they make their daring sonic explorations subject to the earthy, visceral impulses of traditional music-making.”

The Irish Times



  1. Oy Sosonka I-II |
  2. Tangy Decoherence |
  3. Oy Sosonka III-IV |
  4. Haivka (Spring Song) |
  5. Oy Sosonka V-VI |
  6. Za Tumanom (In the Fog) |
  7. Oy Sosonka VII-VIII |
  8. Drevo (Tree) |
  9. Zvuky Znakiv: I – Voron (Raven) |
  10. Zvuky Znakiv: II – Choven (Boat) |
  11. Zvuky Znakiv: III – Son (Dream) |


  • Oleg PonomarevViolin
  • Adrian HartViolin, electronics
  • Cora Venus LunnyViolin, viola
  • Kate EllisCello
  • Nick RothSoprano, alto and tenor saxophones, electronics
  • Colm O'HaraTrombone
  • Francesco TurrisiPiano, accordion, keyboards, percussion
  • Dave RedmondDouble Bass
  • Phil MacmullanDrums
  • Olesya ZdorovetskaVoice
  • Alex DowlingElectronics

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    • Recorded by Chris Corrigan, Ian McNulty
    • Mixed by Chris Corrigan
    • Mastered by Andrew Tulloch
    • Cover art by Serhiy Savchenko
    • Designed by Max Franosch